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A little church, by a little lake,

serving a big God. 


In the 1850's, people discovered a little beach area in Upstate New York, perfect for summer vacations. The influx of tourists to Sylvan Beach, NY provided a perfect opportunity-to build a church to preach and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ while providing a place of worship for vacationers. 

After almost 2 centuries (and many evolutons and changes), South Bay Chapel exists today to help people know Jesus, find forgiveness, and live awesome. 

We are an independent church located directly across from Oneida Lake in Canastota, New York. 

Here's a sample of what we believe/preach/teach:

  1.  Jesus is Everything-A perfect God came down to this imperfect world to live a sinless life and die a perfect death in the place of imperfect sinners. Not only has Jesus died, He has conquered death, and lives today at the right hand of God the Father.

  2. The Trinity-One God, in 3 parts-God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. Each are equally God, eternally connected, with exclusive roles and functions (The Father sends the Son, the Son dies in our place, Holy Spirit fills believers, etc.)

  3. Sin & Forgiveness-All are sinners. All need saving. Jesus has come to save us. Through faith alone, we are forgiven because of what Jesus has done. Salvation is free and found in Jesus alone.

  4. The Bible-The Bible is the Word of God, infallible, timeless and perfect. The star of God's word is Jesus. 

  5. The Church is Vital-The Church, as a whole and individually, is the body of Christ As a result, the Church is whom Jesus uses to change the world. The Church is not perfect, but we serve a perfect God.

  6. The Holy Spirit-He is a gift to believers, and empowers us to do all sorts of things, but primerily to glorify Jesus.

  7. Music & Worship-Music is an AMAZING tool that Christians can use to express their worship as they focus on Jesus. All styles of music can bring glory to our Risen Savior. 

Ultimately, the best way to get to know us is to visit South Bay Chapel. Click here for directions to SBC. 

You can listen to us online on Soundcloud or the iTunes store. Both are free!







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